What is touch typing?

Touch typing is typing without looking at the keyboard. You use your fingers and muscle memory to find the keys.

How can I learn touch typing?

You must first learn how to place your fingers on the keyboard and how to move them to find the relevant keys. Then you must practice a lot to improve your speed and accuracy.

Typing.lk is designed to make this easy for you. You can both learn and practice here with the heap of lessons and practice sessions available.

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Before you begin, here's something to know first

What is WPM?

WPM stands for Words Per Minute. This is calculated by dividing the number of letters you type per minute by 5. The higher the WPM, the better. Don't worry about the WPM if you are a beginner. It will get better when you practice.

What is Accuracy?

It's the percentage of your correct key presses. Each time you press a wrong key, the accuracy will decrease. Try to keep the accuracy above 95% as much as you can.

How do I start?

First, you must learn to place your keys on the keyboard. All your fingers, except the thumbs, should be placed right above the home row. The home row is the row of keys starting with A, S, D and F.

keyboard home row

Learning to type with typing.lk

Now that you know how to place the fingers, it's time to start the lessons. Click on the 'Learn' button on the top bar. There is a label with a blue background with quick hints on what to do next. You will see the text to type in the center.

Typing learn button

In the bottom there will be a keyboard and the next key you should press will be highlighted. On either side of the keyboard, you will see two hands. The finger you must press the next key with will be highlighted.

How are lessons organized?

The lessons in the 'Learn' section are organized in a sequential order. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you start from the beginning and make your way through all the lessons.

However, you can also skip lessons and choose the lesson you like from the Lessons dropdown to the top-left.

Typing lesson list

Practising for mastery

The key to become a fast touch typist is practice. Typing.lk has a large database of material for you to practice with. Click on the 'Practice' button on the top bar. Select what you want to practice using the dropdown.

Typing practice list


Typing.lk has this cool new Code mode. If you are a programmer, you can practice typing in real-world code in your favorite programming language, while practicing touch typing.

All the code in typing.lk were extracted from open-source projects in github. Some code snippets have been modified.

Typing practice list

Currently you can practice with C++, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby code. More languages and code snippets will be added soon!


  • When you learn, don't worry about your speed. Try to hit the right keys the first time.

  • If your accuracy is less than 95% for a lesson, make sure you repeat that exercise until you get it right.

  • Practice is the key. Practice with the numerous practice sessions in typing.lk every day.

Happy Typing!